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juicy enough?!

..:: Basics::..
Gender:  girl

♦ Favorites ♦
Item of clothing: i <3 jeans, and SHOES, and PURSES
Brand of clothing: anthropologie, juicy, marc jacobs
Makeup brand: bobbi brown
Store: saks, anthropologie
Food: ice cream, shrimp
Friend: Caroline
Place: New York, Colorado
Thing to do: shop
Community: _shoptilyoudrop
Bands: death cab for cutie, ben kweller, jack johnson, ashlee simpson
Actorr // Actress: Cahterine zeta-jones---shes gorgeous
actor-matthew maconaughey-gorgeous and sexy voice
T.v Show: THE OC

*(o) (p) (i) (n) (i) (o) (n) (s)*
Juicy Couture: I LOVVVVVVEEEEE juicy!
Hollister: umm never been in one- but i htink its kinda similar to abercrombie so ya i like it
Abercrombie: i like
Abercrombie & Fitch:i like
American Eagle:good sotre
Guess: ok.. dont really go there much
Lucky Brand: i like
*--now you choose one and give me your opinion on it--*
juicy- i love love LOVE it...BUT some of their clothes are made very poorly, like i had a juicy hoodie and the zipper broke and then the j fell of and the seam where the pocket was sewed on RIPPED!! i had it for like 3 months

i dont have a scanner thing
OR a digital camera (although im asking for one for my bday)
so sorry, but i LOVE this community and i would promote everywhere! please accept me!

ok here is a description of myself since i dont have an online picture haha
im really tall (5'11) and i have blonde hair blue eyes.
pleease accept

and sorry if i didnt tdo this lj cut thing right...im new to this!

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