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Juicy enough?


..:: Basics::..
Gender: im 100% girl
State:Pennsylvania (so boring i tell you, there is a bigger,better place for me somewhere!)

♦ Favorites ♦
Item of clothing: i <3 my handbags but id have to say all my tops
Brand of clothing: Hollister and Juicy
Makeup brand: MAC
Store: Hollister
Food: Cotton Candy and shrimp
Friend: Angela
Place: New york city and LA
Thing to do: shop
Community: l0velynic0le and _loveicons
Movie: 50 first dates and some like it hot
Bands: Greenday,the killers and My chemical romance
Actorr // Actress: Kate Hudson--shes so beautiful
T.v Show: the simple life and 8 simple rules

*(o) (p) (i) (n) (i) (o) (n) (s)*
Juicy Couture: MY ALL TIME favorite...they ROCK
Hollister: one of my personal favorite stores!
Abercrombie: none around me
Abercrombie & Fitch:there isnt a single one near my home.
American Eagle:Good store...lots of clothes from there
Guess: I love how they have Paris as there girl!
Lucky Brand: i love it all. I have 2 hoodies and like 3 pairs of jeans by Lucky
*--now you choose one and give me your opinion on it--*
Hollister should make their clothes in different sizes. I am an average sized girl. Not like huge or super tiny. It hurts whenever i normally wear a Medium and in there i have a Large but i still love Hollister

i have on the pink top.

im sorry i didnt bold my application questions. If you'd like, i will redo it whenever i have more free time.


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♥ your really pretty too!!

rachel <3

aww thanks so much! sure will!